In today’s competitive workplace, training has an even higher profile for both employers and employees.  Increasingly companies are using the power of the written and spoken word in conjunction with new technologies to enable employees at all levels to access the training they need.


Literacy is a key element in the training process.  A clumsily constructed document, with haphazard paragraphing, incorrect grammar, and inaccurate spelling and punctuation, can present a less than helpful mode of training to employees who may not, themselves, feel secure with language skills. 


Much written material does not always translate effectively into audio scripts for e-learning – unwieldy sentences, unhelpful punctuation errors and wrongly placed emphases can make such material difficult for both speaker and listener.  It may also project a poor image of the company to potential clients.


My experience as a voice artist has shown me that not everyone charged with the responsibility of producing scripts for e-learning has always been entirely successful in creating clear, accurate and effective copy.


My extensive academic background, my record as a published author and my training as a linguist all mean that I can help you to create scripts which will present the necessary information in a clear, accurate and effective way.


Because I can both write and record scripts, such a service is also likely to be more cost effective.


Please contact me for more details - see my contact page.


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